Table of contents (2018)

Bradley Johnson, Andrew Ribner, Martita Abril, Bradley Johnson

Photos, words, moments, memory... This work dives into chapters of stories spanning genres and generations. 

Premiered: Fertile Ground New Work Showcase @ Greenspace

Choreography & Performance: JACKS

Music: Edited content from by Kelsey Kramer + Lexie Thrash

Past Showings: Movement Research Open Performance @ Eden's Expressway,  WAXworks @ Triskelion Arts, MERDE @ Robin's backyard

JACKS’ first experiment in the creation of an evening-length work, Table of Contents is a non-linear, chance-based duet investigating chapters of captured moments, invented stories based on underlying truths, and familiar memories. Movement enters into rich theatrically and quickly departs - an experience akin to “changing TV channels to different cartoons.” Currently in development, the work is made up of 10+ movement sections or chapters, appearing as a compilation of vignettes. An order of events is randomly selected prior to every rehearsal and showing, rendering each iteration of the work fleeting and unique. We are interested in finding opportunities to experiment with the randomized order of its parts, especially with an audience. After experiencing Table of Contents as it exists for the stage, JACKS embarked on the film iteration of this work in July 2018 alongside their trusted film crew. More info here.

Table of Contents was created with generous space support from Cora Dance.

dual (2017)

Photos by Kelsey Kramer - Poster by Lexie Thrash

Solos created for self, reimagined for one another

Choreography & Performance: JACKS 

Music: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

JACKS shared the premiere of their first work alongside comrades in the making community as a part of Streamers, produced and curated by Kelsey Kramer. Streamers featured work by CEMA DANCE, Eimile Davis, Carolyn Hoehner, Debbie Z Maciel, and JACKS | Kelsey Kramer + Lexie Thrash.

Streamers was made possible by SITUATIONS gallery in Chinatown and with the support of Emily Kohl-Mattingley.