Can you come outside?

Can you come outside? comes at a time when we’re losing and questioning ‘home’. Equal parts homage to ‘what was’ and determination to identify ‘what is,’ we look at ideas of what and who makes home so sacred - or painful. Ten participants will remember, map, embrace, define, and share. Through a game-playing structure, each performer processes personal associations with spaces they identify as home. Using a blueprint of this space, performers repeatedly physically and vocally map a pathway of memories. Each time the pathway is mapped, a different game is played. With guided rules and structure, performers choose their own adventure - deciding as a unit the order in which the games are played. Between games, performers use decision-maker games as touch-points to decide what comes next.

As a team, we move to create a safe space for the community to share, to commiserate, to find humor, to laugh, to collectively experience. Games allow everyone to come together again after individual experiences and access pure emotions of being a kid. It feels important to not focus the process on right or wrong. Instead, Can you come outside? offers the opportunity for an ensemble of movers to be together in a world of games/tasks, to have the freedom to play, and to decide what the journey looks like.

We will produce both a live, participatory performance experience and a film from these concepts - a participatory experience that allows our audience to be involved with choosing and playing the games created by performers (October 2019), and a stand-alone short film that will dive deeply into the stories of each of our collaborators (Summer 2020).


After dancing on a DC rooftop as a part of Housewarming hosted by our dear friends at KIT DISTRICT, we were left with questions of home, and the lingering urge to create a community, participatory experience for both performers and audience members.

Our dream to expand this project to more homes and humans has come to fruition!