Kelsey and Lexie have dreamed up a process for creation in which film and dance go hand in hand.
We've committed to making work that appears on stage and is transformed into dance film (or the other way around). Whether that means the film comes first and work for stage comes second, or a film is inspired by our latest stage work, we will continue this process long into JACKS' collaborative process. 

ground-swell (PREMIERED NOVEMBER 10)

JACKS’ first experiment in the creation of an evening-length work, Table of Contents is a non-linear, chance-based duet investigating chapters of captured moments, invented stories based on underlying truths, and familiar memories. Movement enters into rich theatricality and quickly departs - an experience akin to “changing TV channels to different cartoons.” The work is made up of 10+ movement sections or chapters, appearing as a compilation of vignettes. An order of events is randomly selected prior to every rehearsal and showing, rendering each iteration of the work fleeting and unique.

After experiencing Table of Contents as it exists for the stage, JACKS embarked on the film iteration of this work alongside art director Emily Kohl Mattingley, videographer Amber Schmiesing, sound designer Allistair Johnson, and photographer Mika Mintz. Filming took place July 7 + 8, 2018 in various locations around Berkshire County, MA. This work was made possible via the support of the 73 generous backers in our successfully funded Kickstarter Campaign. Special thanks to: Mika Mintz and her location scouting expertise, and production assistant Katelyn Peterfy. 

For information on screening the film, contact us at jackskramerthrash@gmail.com.

Friday, October 5, 2018
Work-In-Progress Showing
Petworth First Friday, Washington, DC

Saturday, November 10, 2018
Film Release Party
Brooklyn, NY